Monday, March 16, 2009

Gabriel Leoni Group Jet Fuel Allocations Released

Gabriel Leoni Group

Gabriel Leoni Group and its subsidiaries market Crude Oil and Oil Products globally as well as Natural Gas primarily in Europe and South America. New York, NY, March 13, 2009 -- Gabriel Leoni Group and its subsidiaries market Crude Oil and Oil Products globally as well as Natural Gas primarily in Europe and South America. Some of Gabriel Leoni Group’s resellers are some of the largest non-integrated oil suppliers by volume and handle the physical supply of some 2% of the world's daily oil consumption of Crude Oil and Refined Products.

GLG's and its subsidiaries' supplies are acquired in part through long-term allocation contract holders from the key-producing countries as well as by traditional short and medium-term purchase agreements.

In addition, some of the smaller refineries which they purchase from doubled current production capacity of 110,000 bbls per day. Gabriel Leoni Group and its resellers,subcontractors deliver to a variety of customers, including the major oil companies, Foreign Government purchasing agencies and industrial end-users. Gabriel Leoni Group contracts out the logistics sector of the business as an added value service, it typically will have 60 vessels under time charter through it’s customers.
Oil and Gas activities are handled primarily by GLG's offices in The United States Of America.

Another segment that Gabriel Leoni Group is engaged in the marketing and sale of aviation jet fuel JP54,JP 8, on a worldwide basis.
The company has a network of resellers who sell to major commercial airlines, second and third-tier airlines, cargo carriers, regional and low-cost carriers, corporate fleets, fractional operators, private aircraft, and foreign governments. In its land segment, the Company offers fuel and related services to petroleum distributors operating worldwide.

In Feb. 2009, it facilitated a major D2 and Jet Fuel contracts from smaller Russian refineries and allocation holders.
In many instances their buying power and negotiating skills allow them to purchase fuel allocations at below platt pricing
allowing resellers to make huge returns. Example of one small savings to their clients a 3,000,000 Metric ton spot contract
that was $18.00 under Rotterdam platts price. Resulting in a $54,000,000 savings to the hedge fund group abramovich reports. March's Jet Fuel Allocations over 20 Million barrels of Jet Fuel.

The Gabriel Leoni Group provides its customers global market intelligence and access, 24 hours a day, every day of the year.Jet Fuel,D2,LNG,Gasoil,JP8,JP54 related services include management services for the procurement of fuel, cost control through the use of price hedging instruments, quality control and claims management.

Suppliers use its global sales, marketing and financial infrastructure to sell a spot or ratable volume of product to an international purchasing community. End customers use the Company’s real-time analysis of the availability, quality and price of fuels in ports worldwide and platts to maximize their post In the market.

Gabriel Leoni Group primarily acts as a reseller. As such, it purchases fuel from allocation holders, marks it up and resells the fuel to resellers,hedge funds, and end users, normally taking delivery for purchased fuel at the same place and time as the Company makes delivery for fuel sold. In many instances some of the Gabriel Leoni Group are hedge funds looking to buy and sell immediately. It also acts as a broker. When acting as a broker, it negotiates the transaction by arranging the fuel purchase contract between the supplier and the end user and expedites the arrangements for the delivery of fuel and tank storage.

Commodities Sector
The company is also a major trader in the physical commodities sector such as Icumsa 45 refined Sugar and Cement.
Ira abramovich oil analyst

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